2024 PG&E Rate Hikes affect 16M+ Customers

PG&E recently published their rate increases effective January 1, 2024.

According to news site KSBW, rates will increase at an average of over $32 per month for roughly 16 million customers across California. The increased funds, reports KSBW, will help “bury 2,100 miles (3,380 kilometers) of power lines in areas that are at high risk for wildfires,” though some consumer advocacy groups disagree with this approach.

The rate increases are more significant than we have seen in the past several years and the majority of the increases are in the transportation and distribution (T&D) portion of the rates. 

Bundled Service (Energy and Local Transport) Rate Increases

B1: 20.7%
B6: 22.3%
B10S: 17.0%
B19P: 14.5%
B20P: 14.4%

Direct Access Service (Local Transport only) Rate Increases

B1: 29.2%
B6: 30.7%
B10S: 24.0%
B19P: 20.9%
B20P: 18.9%

For context, here is a graph of PG&E’s bundled commercial rate increases since 2019:

If you have any questions about PG&E’s planned rate increases or want to learn more about any of SPURR’s programs, please contact us

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