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Bringing Purchasing Power and Expertise Together to Serve Our Clients

Rather than treating every new request for utility equipment and services as a one-off project, SPURR already has proven processes in place to quickly deliver the right solution at the best price to our clients. We operate procurement and consulting programs for natural gas, electricity, LED lights, solar energy, telecommunications and internal networking, and expense management.

Joint Powers Authority Background

Pursuant to the California Joint Exercise of Powers Act (Government Code Sections 6500-6536), a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) may be created in California when two or more government entities enter into an agreement to exercise jointly any power common to the parties. JPAs are frequently used to aggregate expertise and purchasing power for procurement, as in the case of insurance or utilities services. JPAs can be given any of the powers inherent in the participating entities, as specified in a joint powers agreement.

What does this mean to you?

As a member, you can leverage our SPURR Master Contracts to procure utility solutions faster and with optimized pricing and terms, all while remaining compliant with your required State or internal procurement processes.

A Board of Your Peers

Our board of directors is made up of administrators of our member institutions. Our board provides a watchful eye over the interests of our participants and ensures that they receive the highest value possible.

SPURR Board and Officers February 2024 (left to right)

  • Glen Senestraro, Cloverdale USD
  • John Quinto, Chawanakee USD
  • Sherry Gladin, Bakersfield City SD
  • Robin Schmitt, Brentwood Union SD (retired)
  • Alethea Rollins, SPURR Deputy Managing Director
  • Michael Rochman, SPURR Managing Director
  • Luis Freese, West Contra Costa USD
  • Christine Miktarian, State Center CCD
  • Leigh Ann Blessing, Alameda COE
  • Thad Malit, SPURR Deputy Managing Director
  • Michal Healy, Santa Clara USD
  • Not pictured: Todd Cutler, Lake Tahoe USD
  • Not pictured: Micaela Ochoa, Contra Costa CCD

Our Process

Proven and innovative procurement processes to save you time and money.

Managing the procurement process for utility services and equipment can be challenging for many public entities, especially given the complex new options coming into the market including solar and LED lighting. That’s why SPURR leverages its expertise in public utility procurement to ensure our members have access to the best utility solutions, pricing, and terms and conditions with every RFP. Then you can quickly implement the right solution at the best price.

Working with SPURR

Empowering CA Public Education Agencies and Eligible Entities

SPURR aggregates purchasing power and expertise for California public agencies, public education, and other eligible public entities. When an “Eligible Entity” becomes a “Participant” in one of our programs they adopt SPURR’s competitive RFP process. Typically we:

  • Publish a competitive solicitation, usually an RFP, and invite prospective vendors to submit pricing and terms.
  • Answer vendor questions and obtain clarifications to responses.
  • Evaluate compliant responses, using price as our primary factor, but not the only one.
  • Select winning vendors for awards of specific items or services
  • Enter into SPURR Master Contracts (SMCs) with the winning vendors and make the included pricing and terms available to “Eligible Entities”.


Our approach has been tested and proven by hundreds of participants.

More than 250 California public school districts, county offices of education, and community college districts rely on SPURR procurement programs to serve thousands of facilities across the state. That’s because they know we understand their unique needs, procurement and implementation processes as well as the leading utility solutions available today. Then we aggregate requests from multiple entities into our proven RFP process to give you purchasing power in selecting the best option.

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