Solar and Energy Storage (REAP)

Are you looking for the best possible pricing, terms, and conditions for your solar project?

SPURR is here to help through our Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (“REAP”) Program.

How the REAP Program Works

Created in 2014, the REAP Program is an innovative aggregated solar procurement program that leverages the collective purchasing power of SPURR’s large membership to secure transparent, pre-negotiated project pricing and terms for California public agencies and non-profit educational organizations. Pricing and terms secured through the REAP Program are available to any eligible agency that adopts the REAP Program RFP as its own competitive process.

How the REAP Program Works

The pre-negotiated pricing and terms secured through the REAP Program’s master Request for Proposal (RFP) process are not only the best available in the marketplace but can be used by participants without having to conduct their own lengthy and costly RFP. Since program inception, dozens of public agencies have used our program to contract for hundreds of MegaWatts of solar panels and battery storage solutions.

Key Benefits of the REAP Program for Participants:

  • Access to the optimal solar project pricing available in the marketplace.
  • A streamlined solar competitive bidding process.
  • Public agencies interested in the REAP Program can receive, at no cost or obligation, a project feasibility study for their potential solar projects.
  • Minimized administrative strain associated with solar project procurement.
  • Competitively procured project costs as well as standardized terms and conditions of service.
  • Firm pricing for solar installations so that projected returns on investment can be more accurately computed.

Success Stories

Watch videos of your peers discussing how SPURR’s REAP Program for solar and energy storage has worked for them.

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