SPURR has a variety of programs tailored to the needs of eligible California agencies to help them procure utility solutions faster and with the best rates and terms.

Telecom and Internal Networking

Securing vendor service contracts is a time-consuming and complex process. But we’ve taken care of all the details to save you money and make your job easier. SPURR members benefit from the procurement work we’ve done and the great prices we negotiate. All at no cost!

Solar and Energy Storage (REAP)

Let our REAP (Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement) program do the work for you. We can identify sites where solar may provide greatest value, define viable project structure options, assess vendor business terms and manage the bid process. SPURR members get thorough, unbiased advice upfront to ensure the success of your solar project.

Natural Gas and Electricity

In such a volatile and uncertain market, we can lower the risk by providing the best available combination of low, stable, and predictable rates for SPURR members. With hundreds of participating agencies and thousands of facilities, we have tremendous buying and bargaining power with suppliers.

LED Lighting

Everyone is moving to LED interior and exterior lighting, equipment, and controls. We make sure you get the best pricing and installation through our proven procurement process. We invited dozens of vendors to submit pricing and terms for our published RFP and evaluated them on criteria like pricing, range of design and quality of proposed products, and more.

Energy Data Management

Let us help you make full use of your utility data to save money and be more efficient.

Electric Vehicles and Site Electrification (PAVE)

Whether you are transitioning your own fleet of vehicles to electric or you are considering installation of EV charging stations to benefit your staff or the general public, SPURR’s PAVE (Procurement Assistance for Vehicle Electrification) program helps you accomplish your goals efficiently and quickly.

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