Demand Response

Demand Response

Automated Demand Response (ADR) plays a vital role in supporting cleaner and more reliable electricity across California as our grid evolves. Previously, schools with backup generators were not eligible to enroll these assets in ADR. The new Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) on the PG&E, SoCal Edison, and SDG&E grids expand eligibility to include smaller loads and on-site generation assets. This means that smaller facilities and your existing emergency generation capacity can now generate additional revenue for you ($1/kWh) with zero downside risk if events are called this summer. 

Utilities offer attractive incentives to sponsor the adoption of Automated Demand Response because it’s important. But why?

  • It helps prevent rolling blackouts
  • It helps accelerate the adoption of cleaner and renewable energy resources
  • It’s cheaper to pay customers to adjust their electricity usage then build new infrastructure
  • It’s automated – and reliable!


If you qualify, you could be set up and ready to enjoy an additional revenue stream within weeks. SPURR is a buying group of public agencies focused on utility services. We aggregate buying power and expertise to obtain the best available pricing and no out-of-pocket cost for our participants. 

Do You Qualify?

Say goodbye to additional expenses, manual response, and extra work. We enable flexible and practical ways to automate Demand Response while still being in control with no upfront costs!

As a result of a competitive bidding process, we have already pre-negotiated an Automated Demand Response contract for you.