SPURR’s PAVE Program has Officially Launched!

SPURR has launched a new, industry-leading program for electrifying public agency vehicles.

You might know that California is among the Top 5 global EV markets. With this year’s CARB ACF rule, the Golden State is now aiming for a world first – eliminating all combustion truck sales by 2036. This audacious move will not only reduce emissions, it will save fleet owners an estimated $48 billion by 2050.

SPURR’s research in spring 2022 found that while most public agencies want to electrify their fleets, less than 25% have a plan for doing so. Our public agencies are busy and many of them simply lack the resources and expertise to take the leap.

That’s why we’re announcing today the new SPURR Procurement Assistance for Vehicle Electrification (PAVE) Program, which creates a glide path to fleet electrification for our public agencies, including educational districts, local governments, special districts, and healthcare institutions. PAVE allows the public sector to leverage SPURR’s collective buying power and streamlined RFP process, reducing procurement timelines by up to 75 percent!

Out of the more than 200 industry participants that we invited to apply to become a qualified PAVE vendor for turnkey EV charging infrastructure, and the 14 that responded, we selected four that had the right capabilities and expertise to provide a high-quality experience tailored for public agency budgets. Congratulations to our PAVE vendors Alco Building Solutions, ForeFront Power, Highland Electric Fleets, and InCharge Energy. We look forward to working with you!

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