Get Your District to 100% LED With No Out of Pocket Cost and Streamlined Procurement

Description of webinarVector Energy Group is thrilled to host a new webinar on energy conservation projects and how school districts can achieve efficiency goals with the help of state programs and funding. Together we will review and discuss one of our most recent project, an LED lighting retrofit completed at the Golden Plains Unified School District and how they were able to implement the project without out of pocket expenses, leveraging Vector’s SPURR Master Contract as well as the Energy Conservation Assistance Act program administered by the California Energy Commission.

LED Lighting Retrofit at Golden Plains Unified School District
Vector Energy Group and SPURR


11:00 am to 11:45 am PST

What you’ll learn:

  • A more streamlined way of the procurement: What SPURR is an how it benefits school districts.
  • How to avoid capital expenditures on energy efficiency projects thanks to the Energy Commission’s Energy Conservation Assistance Act –Education (ECAA-Ed) program and how it works.
  • How Vector Energy Group can provide you with a turnkey solution for LED lighting retrofits not completed with Prop39 funds. These services include:
    • Free lighting cost-benefit and savings analysis
    • materials procurement
    • labor
    • disposal services
    • rebate applications
    • SPURR paperwork and all necessary reports needed to qualify for the ECAA-Ed program

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