FAQ: Procurement Assistance for Vehicle Electrification (PAVE) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPURR?
The School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR) is a Joint Powers Authority formed in 1989 under the California Government Code’s Joint Exercise of Powers Act. Over 300 California public school districts, county offices of education, and community college districts are members of SPURR. There is no cost to join SPURR.

What does SPURR do?
SPURR aggregates utilities purchasing power and expertise. We have programs for telecommunications & internal connections, natural gas, electricity, LED lighting & conservation, solar power & energy storage, site & vehicle electrification, and other items.

What are SPURR Master Contracts (SMCs)?
SMCs result from SPURR’s issuance of competitive solicitations, typically in the form of Request for Proposals (RFPs). The pricing, terms, and conditions of an award pursuant to an RFP are memorialized in one or more SMCs and made available to SPURR member districts and other “Eligible Entities,” as defined in the RFP. 

How does SPURR conduct RFPs?
For each RFP, SPURR –

  • Posts notices on www.spurr.org and in other online and print platforms, including newspapers of general circulation.
  • Invites numerous vendors to submit responses to the RFP.
  • Evaluates compliant responses using several criteria, including price (the most heavily weighted factor), respondent’s prior experience, understanding of needs, company capabilities, etc.
  • Makes awards and enters SMCs with winning respondents.
  • Makes program documentation publicly available through https://spurr.org/program-materials/

What is the PAVE Program?
In 2023, SPURR issued an RFP seeking qualified vendors who can provide turnkey installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to Eligible Entities.

The RFP resulted in SMC awards to four winning vendors (Winning Vendors): Alco Building Solutions, ForeFront Power, Highland Electric Fleets, and InCharge Energy.

What are Eligible Entities in the PAVE Program?
Any California school district, community college, county office of education, municipality, special district, public university, other public agency, or non-profit entity is an “Eligible Entity” that may participate in this Program, even if they are not SPURR members. SPURR cannot provide service to for-profit entities or individuals.

How does program participation work?
An Eligible Entity becomes a participant (Participant) by placing an order through an SMC. Once a Participant and a Winning Vendor agree on quantities, delivery dates, and any funding or other contingencies, they jointly execute and submit an Authorization to Order to SPURR as evidence of participation.

How do Participants benefit?
SPURR intends that Participants will benefit from –

  • Streamlined procurement, saving Participants time and resources.
  • Use of SPURR’s transparent, well-documented, competitive process to enhance confidence in the procurement.
  • Access to SPURR’s market presence and technical expertise to achieve quality items on competitive terms and prices.
  • Ongoing SPURR review of Winning Vendors. 

May SMC prices be lowered?
Yes. SMC prices are “ceiling” prices, which may be lowered if circumstances warrant.

Who determines whether an SMC is suitable?
As with any master contract, an Eligible Entity determines for itself whether an SMC and the items to be ordered are suitable for their needs. An Eligible Entity determines for itself whether use of an SMC complies with laws, regulations, and internal rules applicable to that Eligible Entity. Eligible Entities should consult counsel regarding legal questions.

How is SPURR funded?
SPURR is funded through administrative fees in each program, based on participation levels.

Does SPURR charge fees to Participants in this program?
No. SPURR charges administrative fees to Winning Vendors, as specified in the RFP and SMCs.

How may I obtain additional information?
Please use the “Access Program Materials” button https://spurr.org/programs/electric-vehicles-site-electrification/ to view or download the SMCs and supporting files.


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