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Telecom and Internal Networking

We’ve negotiated statewide master contracts with leading providers of E-Rate eligible services in:
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet access
  • Internal connections equipment and services
Whether seeking E-Rate discounts or not, any SPURR participant can benefit from the procurement work we’ve done – and the excellent prices we have negotiated.

Let us do the legwork.
Securing vendor service contracts is a time-consuming and complex process. To save you money and make your job easier, we’ve taken care of it all:
  • Issued Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for various E-Rate eligible services
  • Posted E-Rate Form 470s as a consortium to solicit bid responses for each service
  • Evaluated vendor responses to each RFP using the USAC-SLD recommended criteria, where price is the most heavily weighted factor
  • Entered into SPURR Master Contracts (SMCs) with each winning vendor for specified services on terms available for at least three program years