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Gas Services

Flexible Natural Gas Rate Plan Options

Core Rate Plans
Accounts with average throughput of less than 20,800 therms per month. 
SPURR has a default “portfolio” rate plan that we recommend for core accounts. Under this plan, we procure fixed rate gas for 40% of portfolio supplies through a competitive process at or before the start of each fiscal year. Fixed rates set for the entire fiscal year help participants protect their budgets. All other gas under the portfolio rate plan, typically 60% of supplies, will be priced at variable rates that change monthly with the market. The portfolio rate plan is optional for core accounts. Participants can elect higher or lower levels of fixed rates, or customized plans to suit their specific needs.

Noncore Rate Plans
Accounts with average throughput of more than 20,800 therms per month, or with gas being used to generate electricity.  SPURR offers as much rate optionality as any supplier. We can provide fixed, variable, or more complex plans to meet risk management goals.

Program comparison – How does SPURR measure up?
For all plans, the local gas utility company (PG&E or SoCal Gas) remains responsible for all natural gas delivery, pipeline, metering and safety services. The utilities will receive the same payments for these “transportation” services under applicable tariffs. The physical natural gas supplied remains the same and program participants remain eligible for CPUC-funded energy efficiency programs.