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Energy Center

Our program turns mere stacks of paper into powerful, useful tools to save money and to accomplish cost management and utility conservation goals.

Our JPA now offers a powerful tool to empower school districts, colleges, and universities to manage utility costs and to save money in ways that simply would be impossible otherwise.

Historically, many California public educational institutions have not had good tools to enable them to account for and manage their expenditures for electricity, natural gas, solid waste, or water and sewer charges. For most institutions, their utility cost “tracking system” is merely a stack of paper bills or a spreadsheet. They cannot link the information contained in their bills with other useful information – such as prior period billing details, facility square footage, facility type or occupancy, or local weather data – to improve efficiency or control total costs.

While districts generally can track total utility expenditures from year to year, they have little ability to audit bills, track quantities consumed, allocate costs by month or by cost center, prepare detailed management reports and budgets, or perform a host of other basic management and accountability tasks that are taken for granted in other procurement settings. Further, districts typically must rely on Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), who have a conflict of interest, to prove or disprove the effectiveness of conservation measures.

Our program has numerous advantages for your district
  • No software to buy. We handle all application licensing, updates, and upgrades.
  • No database to set up. We do it all, based on site data that you provide.
  • No database to maintain. We do it all, including back-ups and virus-protection.
  • No data to enter or validate. We do it all, including full import of historical data and entry and validation of data going forward. We can add new utility accounts, services, or vendors at any time.
  • No Web hosting. We do it all, providing password-protected access from anywhere.
  • No waiting. We can have you up and running in a few weeks.
  • No long training. District staff generally are up and running after two hours of training.
  • No intra-district data distribution costs. Authorized district staff will have secure, online access to UM Pro reports from anywhere in the world, using only an Internet connection and a Web browser. We can also color print and mail selected reports for you as well.
  • No conflict of interest. We are fully independent and have no conflict of interest in helping you get full and accurate utility data.
  • No complicated “shared savings” to compute. Unlike some other programs, there are no “shared savings” to haggle over. Aside from our minimal subscription fees to defray our costs, you reap 100% of any savings realized.
  • No long term contract. Districts subscribe to the program on a month-to-month basis.