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Sectors Served

Providing purchasing power and expertise to California public education entities

No one knows your unique needs and procurement processes for utilities the way we do. We leverage that expertise to find and quickly implement the right solution from the many options available. And, as a Joint Power Authority (JPA), we then negotiate the most competitive rates to save you money.


Proven and innovative procurement processes to save you time and save you money.

More than 250 California public school districts, county offices of education, and community college districts rely on SPURR procurement programs to serve thousands of facilities across the state. That’s because they know we understand both their unique needs, procurement and implementation processes as well as the leading utility solutions available today. Then we aggregate requests from multiple entities into our proven RFP process to give you purchasing power in selecting the most cost-effective option.

Joint Powers Authority

What it costs and how you can join

As a Joint Powers Authority, we negotiate competitive rates and pass them along to you without any markup above our minimal administrative fees. Program fees and eligibility requirements are summarized below. Participation in one program does not require participation in another.

Access Program Materials

Interested in looking at our marketing materials or contracts? Click below to learn more and gain access to our library of resources or specific materials you are interested in.

Ready to Join?

Switching to SPURR is easy.

Our contracts are ready and waiting. If you approve of the terms and if your contracting rules allow, you can start buying right away.