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Natomas Unified School District (NUSD)

Ushering in a new generation of lighting equipment, lowering costs and reducing environmental impact

All public school districts have the urgent need to move to LED lighting to reduce costs and lower their environmental impact. That’s why SPURR has been working on an LED solution for more than a year. It was critical to fully understand the LED lighting solution options for the unique needs of schools and then set up a cost-effective procurement process.

The Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) was the first SPURR client for this innovative LED Lighting Equipment Program. This project will cover all exterior lighting and gymnasiums for Natomas High School, Gateway Middle School, Discovery High School and Jefferson Elementary. The contract is valued at approximately $225,000.

The program will greatly reduce the energy costs and environmental impact at NUSD schools. LED lights last 5-7 years longer than traditional bulbs and use significantly less energy while generating less heat. NUSD schools will reduce energy usage by roughly 90 KW per year following the switch. The new lights are scheduled to be fully installed by May 2016.