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California Public School District

Many players have rushed into the solar energy market, SPURR helps procure the best deal.

Solar is one of the most promising energy options for California public school districts, county offices of education, and community college districts. But given the number of solar energy companies that have rushed into this market, public school districts need the expertise to build performance guarantees, escalation processes and end-of-life processes into their RFPs to procure the best deal. 

SPURR developed the innovative Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (REAP) Program to leverage the collective purchasing power of its large membership to secure competitive, transparent, pre-negotiated pricing and terms for any California public school district, county office of education, or community college district that wants to implement a solar project. REAP Program pricing and terms can be adopted and implemented by participants to meet their individual and unique solar project needs.

A school district will get the best solar project pricing available in the marketplace to date. SPURR streamlines the solar competitive bidding process and minimizes the administrative strain associated with solar project procurement. We provide competitively procured project costs as well as standardized terms and conditions of service. Pricing is firm for solar installations on the conditions described so project returns on investment can be more accurately computed.