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About Us

Bringing purchasing power and expertise together to serve our clients

Rather than treating every new request for utility equipment and services as a one-off project, SPURR already has proven processes in place to quickly deliver the right solution at the best price to our clients.

A Board of Your Peers

Our board of directors is made up of administrators of our member institutions. Our board provides a watchful eye over the interests of our participants and ensures that they receive the highest value possible.

Our Process

Our approach has been tested and proven by hundreds of California clients

Managing the procurement process for utility services and equipment can be challenging for many public entities, especially given the complex new options coming into the market including solar and LED lighting. That’s why SPURR leverages its expertise in public utility procurement to help ensure that the right terms and conditions are included in every RFP we manage. Then you can quickly implement the right solution at the best price.

Ready to Join?

Switching to SPURR is easy.

Our contracts are ready and waiting. If you approve of the terms and if your contracting rules allow, you can start buying right away.

Access Program Materials

Interested in looking at our marketing materials or contracts? Click below to learn more and gain access to our library of resources or specific materials you are interested in.