The Unexpected Costs of Fossil Fuel Opposition

According to a recent article published by UC Berkeley’s Energy Institute at the Haas Business School, opposition to fossil fuel projects creates many costs that may suprise activists in favor of renewables. As noted in the article –

“Many policies leave us with hidden high carbon prices. Every time a city bans gas stoves, states stop pipelines, or shareholder activists prevent investment in new energy infrastructure, we are raising the price of energy to consumers and, in some cases, driving up profits for fossil fuel companies.

“Many who are interested in addressing climate change strive for an orderly transition. Yet if we refuse to build or maintain fossil fuel infrastructure before we have built a robust clean energy system to replace it, we are left with a transition that is disorderly and expensive, leading to things like $20 natural gas prices in one part of the country while the rest of the country pays a fraction of that.”…

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