LA School District Cyberattack

Joining other high-profile educational institutions hit by cyberattacks this year is the Los Angeles Unified School District. The district fell victim to an unprecedented cyberattack, which prompted major alarm across the country, “from urgent talks with the White House and the National Security Council after the first signs of ransomware were discovered late Saturday night to mandated password changes for 540,000 students and 70,000 district employees,” says AP. 

At the beginning of new school years, education institutions find themselves especially vulnerable to attack. Although no ransom was demanded in the case of the LAUSD, the potential for major financial demands is present with each ransomware attack, and as AP cites, many hackers wait for typical school-closures, like holiday weekends and breaks, to target a school’s network. 

At SPURR, we understand that often these organizations operate at a level of technology that requires expert care and monitoring. Telecommunications and Networking, if done correctly, can also set you up for a security posture that manages standard protocols. Our mission is to provide institutions of education with the comprehensive, safe technology they need to operate on in-person, hybrid, and remote learning models, while procuring cost savings and heightened security in the process. 

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