Demand Response for Everyone

As you know, Demand Response plays a vital role in supporting cleaner and more reliable electricity across California as our grid evolves. Previously, schools with backup generators were not eligible to enroll these assets in Demand Response. However, with recent updates, we believe that the vast majority of school, college and other public agencies facilities on the PG&E, SoCal Edison, and SDG&E grids will now be eligible to participate with basically zero downside risk!

If you qualify, you could be set up and ready to enjoy an additional revenue stream before this summer. SPURR is a buying group of public agencies focused on utility services. We aggregate buying power and expertise to obtain best available pricing and no out of pocket cost for our participants. As a result of a competitive bidding process, we have already pre-negotiated a Demand Response contract for you.

If you’re interested in learning what options there are for your facilities, please reply by email or set up a 15 minute informational call with our technical consultant, Charlie Benzyk, HERE.

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