Demand Response – Someone Else Will Pay For It! (SPURR DR Series 1 of 3)

Did you know that in many cases you can have Automated Demand Response technology installed at your facilities at no cost to you? If you qualify, you could be set up and ready to enjoy an additional revenue stream for before next summer. For the time being, California utilities are still offering lucrative incentives to cover the cost of installing ADR equipment at facilities that could benefit from it. SPURR is a buying group of public agencies focused on utility services. We aggregate buying power and expertise to obtain best available pricing and terms for our participants. We have already pre-negotiated a Demand Response contract for you!

If you are interested in learning more about how
 can benefit from available utility incentives please reply by email oset up a 15 minute informational call with our technical consultant, Charlie Benzyk.

Still wondering whether it’s for you? You can also check out this convenient summary or take our quiz HERE.

Demand Response – It’s Not Hard! (SPURR DR Series 2 of 3)
Demand Response – It’s Worth It! (SPURR DR Series 3 of 3)



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