SPURR Winning Solar Vendor Signs Agreements with City of Fresno

The City of Fresno has signed agreements with ForeFront Power, a California-based solar and energy storage developer, to implement renewable energy projects across the city. The city selected ForeFront Power for the projects based on the selection of ForeFront as the winning vendor in SPURR’s Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (REAP) Program. The City used the REAP Program to save time and money in their procurement process, while obtaining the best available terms and conditions from ForeFront, based on the REAP Program’s competitive selection process. 

The Fresno City Council approved the renewable energy plan recommended by Mayor Lee Brand’s administration that officials said could save the city $100 million over two decades. The plan is specific to the city’s Department of Public Utilities and its sustainability division and offsets more than 64% of plant energy use, according to city staffers.

ForeFront Power will design, develop, finance, construct, and operate the 25 MWs of solar and energy storage projects while requiring no upfront funds from the city. The agreement also includes a strong annual performance guarantee, city ownership of all renewable energy certificates (RECs), local labor hiring goals, an annual buyout option, and a flat energy rate for the 20 year term of the agreement. By utilizing the REAP Program the city was able to accelerate their procurement process and capture lucrative incentives for the project before they decline. 

“Solar energy is one component of our broader sustainability plan, and an important one to be implemented,” Councilmember Miguel Arias said. “The project will realize millions in savings for taxpayers while taking strategic actions that fight climate change.”

The REAP Program is a proven procurement tool for renewable energy projects and has been used by over 40 public agencies across the state including school districts, community college districts, cities, and counties. Working with ForeFront through SPURR ensures you will get the best rates and terms available while accelerating the procurement process for your project.

If you’re considering a solar or energy storage project, contact SPURR to learn how we can make it simple and successful. Email SPURR’s REAP Program team at solar@staging2.spurr.org.

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